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Are you a horseback rider who has taken time off of riding due to an injury, having kids, or losing a horse? 

Have you lost a little bit of the confidence you once had?

If so, let me show you how to get it back. 

Our proven programs help people get back in the saddle and enjoy their horses again. 

-Dr. Aleisha Shirley PT, DPT 

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Kelly C

I just have to tell you how much your exercises have helped my riding and comfort level! In just three short weeks, I went from crawling out to bed after riding to feeling fantastic!! I made a pole run and two futurity runs this weekend on that strong yellow gelding, expecting to be sore again…. nothing. I really can’t thank you enough!

Tina G

I am really enjoying your program and it is so simple but effective! I can already feel a difference in my lower back! I found your YouTube video of how to release the lower back and I am doing those exercises every day now. I was in the saddle for almost 5 hours yesterday, moving pairs, tagging babies, so on and off and flipping calves a lot and my back felt amazing last night!

Your ticket to becoming a better rider is here!

Hey rider! I'm Dr. Aleisha

Fitness and balance training has transformed my riding and level of competition.

What started as a quest to conquer my own riding goals has turned into a system that has helped my clients become better riders by gaining better timing, balance, and strength. 

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Solid in the Saddle: COMPETE

Are you a competitive rider who is serious about getting fit to shave time off the clock?

Research shows that strength and agility training improve reaction time and performance. 

Get in top competition shape from the comfort of your home. Great for barrel racers, ropers, cutters, reiners, goat tyers, team sorters, or any other competitive horse sport.

I'm ready to COMPETE
1-on-1 Virtual Strength/Balance Evaluation

Personalized guidance for the rider who has questions about reaching their fitness goals. This will identify what you need to strengthen to ride your best and includes 4 personalized exercises to address your specific needs.

*This is also for you if you have injuries we need to work around to get you back in the saddle. 

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6 Weeks to Solid in the Saddle

Learn how to strengthen your horseback riding muscles with pre-recorded video workouts designed by a Physical Therapist. Appropriate for nearly all fitness levels with modifications as needed. Great for older riders or those who are coming back after an injury, pregnancy, or time off.

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Truly one of the best clinics I have seen. The integration of the function of the human body and how it contributes to the performance of our horses is brilliant. Actionable take home items to work on well worth the time. 

Emily A.

Kaitlyn H.

I highly recommend having Aleisha come evaluate all levels of riders from beginners to professional to barrel racers to reiners! I have been riding horses for 25 plus years and have been competing on reiners for the last five years. I have always had a feeling my seat was off, but no one could exactly pinpoint where. But thanks to Aleisha's app and her evaluation I finally feel like I am riding now! 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I was apprehensive at first because I knew I was not in the best shape and I am pretty insecure about my riding ability, but this clinic gave me hope. Aleisha and her staff were kind, positive, and professional. They were there to help find ways to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance to help you meet your goals as a rider. 

Stacy K.

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