Spring Training: Six Weeks to Solid in the Saddle

Do you want to improve your riding confidence, strength, and performance? Sign up for this course!

What you'll get:

  • A step-by-step 6 week workout program 
  • Printable PDF calendar with exercises listed
  • Videos of each workout
  • Detailed instruction on how to correctly activate each muscle


Always consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program. Solid in the Saddle is not responsible for any injury that may occur as a result of this program. 

What People Are Saying:

I was complaining of lower back pain after competition runs, but after three short weeks of implementing these work outs… I feel amazing! Highly recommend

Kelly Caldwell

I loved this program. I am a more balanced and confident rider! Thank you! also it healed up my small DR I had! Yay!

Anna Huxtable

There’s not anything I can say that can equal how I feel. Your program was just above and beyond what I needed. Mentally it’s what I needed to be focused, knowing that I was working toward a goal.

Suzanne Contreras

Aleisha is so knowledgeable and delivered the presentation in a way that the information will stick! Nice to have exercises specific for riding. Every equestrian should take the time to learn this!

Della H

I was apprehensive at first because I knew I was not in the best shape and I am pretty insecure about my riding ability, but this clinic gave me hope. Aleisha and her staff were kind, positive, and professional. They were there to help find ways to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance to help you meet your goals as a rider.

Stacy K

$149.00 USD